A Typical Day at the Children’s House

Morning at the Children's House
In the morning, children benefit from a 2.5-hour uninterrupted work cycle to allow them a real time of concentration. Free and mobile in their movements, they work around the classroom independently, sometimes guided by an educator if the need arises. The environment is designed to allow the child to find his way in the different activities and work offered: Practical life – Sensorial – Mathematics – Language Before lunch, the children get together for a time of sharing and discussion, most of the time with songs, dancing and music in both languages.
Afternoon Activities
In the afternoon, children who need to rest can do so in the nap room. Activities will be offered every afternoon, usually outside, allowing children to practice what they have learned in the class but also to develop their self-knowledge. The workshops offered to children operate on cycles of ten sessions throughout the year. These are the types of activities offered in 3-6: permaculture, emotion management, yoga, musical awakening, theater, great motor skills, sewing, cooking, pottery, cultural and / or linguistic discoveries, awareness workshops, ecology, construction, etc.  
Organic Lunch
The organic and vegetarian meal served at school is prepared by Bio Original, a caterer who provides healthy, varied and appetizing menus every day. Meals are delivered and reheated in stainless steel trays. They are washed and reused in order to help protect the environment. Depending on the weather, children will be able to eat outside or inside in a suitable environment. They are responsible for setting the tables, serving themselves and clearing up when they finish.