We welcome children from 3 to 12-year-old in two programs based on the children’s sensitive periods.

3 to 6-year-old: The Children's House

The prepared environment allows the children to understand the world around them and to develop their intellectual and motor skills at their own pace, independently.

They thus acquire confidence and self-knowledge that will be necessary for their future development and their desire to learn.

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6 to 12-year-old: The Explorers’ Cabin

The 6 to 12-year-old environment is like a micro-society where children work in small groups and refine their critical spirit by discovering the world.

In the afternoons, the children experiment with the academic knowledge acquired through concrete, practical and inspiring projects!

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Children’s House (3 to 6-year-old)

Children's House (3 to 6-year-old)

The Children’s House welcomes around 30 children aged 3 to 6 supervised by two 3 to 6 trained Montessori teachers. One of the two teachers is English speaking and the other French speaking. They each speak to the child in their respective languages. The team is assisted by external experts for each activity that requires it.

The educator presents the material individually and the child observes, manipulates, creates, explores and moves freely. He/she acquires strong skills and grasps basic learning (language, writing, reading, science, geography, mathematics, etc.) at his/her own rhythm and thus progresses in the abstraction levels.

The teacher gives direction, encouraging independent activity, respecting the rhythm of each child and the different types of intelligences.

This class is intended to be an extension of the family cocoon. The child will find here emotional security, a reassuring routine and the afternoon activities will be mainly within the school grounds to allow each child to grow at their own pace.

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The Explorers’ Cabin (6 – 12-year-old)

The Explorers’ Cabin (6 – 12-year-old)

The Explorer Class welcomes around 30 children from 6 to 12 years old supervised by two 6 to 12 trained Montessori teachers. One of the teachers is English-speaking and the other one French-speaking. They are helped by an assistant and the school director in the coordination of daily activities which require an external expert in connection with their learning.

The class may be split into two groups (6-9 and 9-12) according to their academic curriculum and depending on the number of children.

In this environment, very broad in terms of ages and skills, children access basic learning by responding to their need to explain the world around them.

The child grasps the society in which he lives, acquires benchmarks of scale, appropriates the history of his planet, his country, and of his environment (fauna, flora, mountains, etc.). We aim to give the child a global perspective in order to allow him to understand the context in which he lives.

Understanding is one of the major axes of work in the Montessori method. It is thanks to the concrete that the child can then easily access the abstraction required by most basic knowledge.

Each year, the child listens to the Five Great Lessons: The Beginning of the Universe and Earth, Life Comes to Earth, Humans Come to Earth, How Writing Began and How Numbers Began. The teachers offer a global presentation with concrete and playful supports allowing each child, in small groups, to work on the construction of his/her own learning. The child “learns to learn by him/herself”!

Children will approach all skills in this manner: Language, Mathematics, Geography, Physics, Chemistry, History, Grammar, Geometry, Zoology and Biology.

Although the child evolves at his own pace, the role of the teacher is to guide each child and to motivate him/her, sometimes in a subtle way. The aim is for each child to address all the learning elements required at the end of the cycle. Keeping the child in a common base of knowledge with the children in traditional schools integrates them into their world and their society and contributes to their happiness.

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